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The UK is Europe’s most expensive place to flatshare

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

It used to be that you could safely assume that everyone who was sharing a flat was paying less than those who rented a home alone, or paid a mortgage. Now new research is putting that claim to bed.

Whose turn is it to do the washing up? We’re paying more than anyone else in Western Europe to live in a flatshare

The UK is the most expensive country in Western Europe when it comes to flatsharers, who pay on average £360 per month, or five per cent more than their European counterparts. The research is based on analysis of 33,000 UK, French, Italian and Spanish rental properties by

The average rent in the UK is 56 per cent higher than what it is in Spain, where the average room costs £230 per month. France is the second most expensive country for renters with an average room rent of £342 per month, while in Italy, rents are £282 pcm, 22 per cent cheaper than in the UK.

“Flatsharers in the UK face much higher bills at the end of the month than their European counterparts,” says Jonathan Moore of “The combination of unaffordably high house prices with the ongoing lending crunch in the UK is leaving hundreds of thousands of frustrated buyers dependent on rental accommodation.”

Moore estimates that nearly 100,000 people have started sharing flats in the past year and this demand is driving up the cost of flatsharing.

And while flatsharing remains a right of passage for students and the recently qualified, it now seems the days of roughing it in a sharehouse when you’re a bit older in order to save for other things, may soon become an unaffordable thing of the past.

What next? Moving back in with the parents and paying board?

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We’ll pay your mortgage or rent for one month – enter our competition now

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

Things can be a little tough at the moment, which is why we’ve just launched a new competition that gives you the chance to have your mortgage or rent paid for by us for a month.

It’s easy to enter – all you have to do is click through to the Happy Place and register. All the terms and conditions are there for you too.

Enter now and don’t forget to spread the word and tell your friends.

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Rental blog: Finding a new flatmate by Jeannie

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

As anyone who has shared a home knows, housemates can be here today, gone tomorrow. Just as I’m writing this a new person is unpacking their stuff in our home and another leaves in two days time

A year’s worth of blog entries can be dedicated to the joys and woes of living with other people because choosing a housemate is tricky business.

For my housemates and I, it all began with the online advert, where we used a bit of code to try to attract the type of housemate we wanted: ‘professional’ (must have a job), ‘social’ (must be able to hold a conversation), ‘enjoy a glass of wine’ (must not be shocked by other housemates’ 4am drunken antics), ‘easy-going’ (must not get irritated by other housemates’ friends, dirty dishes, late night skype conversations with family on the other side of the world or television choices).

Once we got all our  replies, we sorted through the ones we wanted to see. Then it came time to actually meet them. Some houseshares choose to have one big viewing session so all the potential housemates can compete in eagerness to take the space (we once had one person pull out £1000 in cash to put down a deposit on the spot!). Other households may have to get the landlord’s approval, which can be difficult as sharers and landlords may have different ideas about who makes a good tenant.

Our housemate interviews were filled with lots of questions. Once we get the important stuff out of the way (where do you work? Are you happy to be on the lease? When can you move in?) some polite prying followed, but sadly we didn’t get answers to the questions we really wanted to ask: do you leave hair in the bath, have a loud, annoying boyfriend or weird nocturnal habits?

Flatmates don’t always work out and communal living is never easy. When it came to choosing our new housemate Jon, it was important he had a job to pay the rent, was happy to be on the lease and was friendly. The rest we’d only discover after a week under the same roof… let’s hope he knows how to stack a dishwasher.

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Has housesharing gone high tech?

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

Sharing a home with friends (or more likely strangers) is a rite of passage for students, graduates and more recently, those who can’t get onto the property ladder and find themselves renting rather than buying.

If only all flatmates looked like this

And as anyone who’s ever had to find a flatmate will know, the hunt for a house share is a time consuming one: it’s not only the home that has to tick boxes, if you know what we mean.

With that in mind, was bemused to read that savvy housesharers are now turning to technology to help them cut down the time it takes to find a flatmate. A new study by Windows Live Messenger claims people spend an average of 21 hours on the task. It also claims they’re now increasingly turning to video chat to help vet flatmates before they’re invited round for a cup of tea and the mandatory chat about “cleaning” and “social life”.

There’s definitely more than a bit of the ‘well, they would say that’ about this new trend. But perhaps Windows Live Messenger have touched on a valid point. The idea that prospective housemates can be inititally met via a video chat before they’re invited into the actual home does have benefits, especially for those who are time poor or security conscious.

Windows Live Messenger says the whole vetting thing works the other way round too – ie – prospective flatmates get the chance to see the whole property in high definition over video chat before they schlepp out to see it in real life.

Call us cynical, but FindaProperty has lived in more than our fair share of houseshares and wonders whether it’s sometimes better not to see absolutely everything in high definition, if you know what we mean?

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Oooh look, it’s The Apprentice house exclusively revealed by #apprentice

The 2011 Apprentice House - estimated value of £4,669,636 by

We love all things property here at and firmly believe information and good research is the key to making smarter property decisions.

So, whilst watching the first two episodes of the BBC’s The Apprentice earlier this week, we couldn’t help become a little curious as to where exactly this year’s stunning house is located.

We knew the property would be on Zoopla because we list every UK home (all 27m) in our home values section. So, we were hopeful we’d be able to unearth some juicy inside info on this year’s house for you. We weren’t disappointed…

We’d seen the front of the house in the show in Tuesday’s episode (9.03 mins in on BBC iPlayer) where the sixteen hopefuls would call home as they compete to win a £250,000 investment to start their own company, with Lord Sugar as their business partner and so we were hunting a huge pad with a sizeable value tag to match – see below.

The next clue came as Apprentice narrator, Mark Halliley,  repeatedly stated “Richmond” as this years location for the house. So, a little navigation in map view (we’ve incorporated Google Street View on Zoopla), then a quick trip to confirm our suspicions and now we can exclusively reveal that the house is actually located on Christchurch Road, East Sheen, London, SW14.

So, what specifics can tell us about the area and the house?

Average property values in East Sheen are currently £667,199

The average value of property in Christchurch Road, SW14 is £1,266,477

The current Zoopla property value of this year’s Apprentice house is £4,669,636

Then if we look at the property details page on Zoopla we can tell you that the house is a 7-bedroomed, detached, freehold property with 6 bathrooms, 3 receptions and is  currrently valued at  £4,669,741. We suspect that one of the other rooms (games room / study) is being currently used as a bedroom so that the sixteen (although now 14…games room returns?) hopefuls can each share an en-suite room.

Digging deeper and into the Zoopla Property Archive, where we store historic records of properties from across the UK that at one time have been for sale or to rent on the open market in the last 10 years, we can also  see that the property was previously listed for sale on 31st Mar 2004 for £1,800,000 and detailed as a 5-bedroom detached house at that point.

Our sold price records (we have over 16.6m dating back to 1995) show that the Apprentice house was sold on 23rd Apr 2004 for £1,715,000…£85,000 less than the original asking price.

We’ve also done a little more research and found out that the property that was bought in 2004 was then demolished and the stunning property we see on our screens was born!

As always, please feel free to share and use this information, all we ask is that you credit the source as and link to any of the links above or Thank you.

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